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Over 30 years’ experience

Paul Szemerej, Director of Firesafe (Fire Safety Management) Consultants Ltd. served in the London Fire Brigade for 30 years before retiring as a Senior Officer. Serving at busy London fire stations he has extensive operational experience of dealing with a multitude of different types of fires in a variety of building types. This has resulted in a thorough understanding of the causes of fire, how fires develop in different materials, the spread of fire and smoke, and the behaviour of people when confronted by fire and smoke.

Paul spent a third of his career in a Fire Safety capacity as Inspecting Officer and as a Senior Fire Safety Officer. These roles enabled him to become familiar with fire safety legislation and the numerous guides and codes of practice relevant to all types of premises. He is familiar with the protocols and procedures that local authority fire services follow in enforcing the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

The experience and knowledge Paul has gained enables him to be able to give informed and reasoned advice to clients to ensure that they can comply fully with the applicable legislation. His skills and competency combine with a methodical approach to ensure a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment is produced.